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There has been a tremendous amount of money invested by the Federal, state, and county governments to combat the war on drugs. The end result of this is incarcerating too many people on drug related offenses. There are minimum sentencing guidelines, and prison time should be the accused number one concern. The minimum sentence for someone possessing or intending to distribute narcotics has been drastically increased over the last ten years. Drug crimes in Naples and Ft Myers usually involve the sale or possession of cocaine, crack, heroine, crystal meth, marijuana, and prescription pain killers. The state of Florida is the leader in prescription drug offenses in the nation. Often times, gun charges and illegal fire arms charges couple the drug charge. If you are convicted of a drug charge with a firearm, the resulting prison sentence can double.

There are many questions to be asked in drug crime cases. Were you illegally stopped by the police? Did they find drug evidence in your car or home? Were you legally searched? After your arrest, what did you say the police? The answers to questions like these and many others will determine what the court takes into account and what a jury is allowed to hear.

Success in drug cases can’t always be measured in guilty vs. non guilty. Discussion of plea agreements and diversion programs can be the difference between lengthy prison sentences and probation.

If you have been arrested for any crime in Naples or Ft Myers do not waste time in calling us. Having a criminal defense attorney that has practiced in Naples and Ft Myers for over 20 years, we offer you the experience and knowledge you are going to need to mount your defense. Please call 239-774-4100 for a free confidential free initial consultation.

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